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Quality Journalism in the 21st Century

Available in English and German

Half day to full week

In the full-week version of this modular workshop, participants will produce a written, photographic or video report on a topic of their choice. They will learn the basics of quality journalism, storytelling, and how to navigate a globalized media world shaped by the Internet, social media and artificial intelligence through practical examples from an industry insider.

Participants will work with Sebastian Sele, an independent storyteller in visuals and words who publishes with major publications ranging from "The New York Times" and "Stern" to the Swiss daily "Neue Zürcher Zeitung"; in his reporting he focuses on social issues of global relevance: rescue at sea in the Mediterranean, tourism in war-torn Syria, migration to the United States, assassinations of environmentalists in Colombia, and so on. Sebastian has worked as editor-in-chief of VICE's Zurich office, as a content strategist at WIRZ Communications, and completed the one-year visual journalism program at the International Center of Photography in New York City.


  • The Basics of Journalism

  • The Characteristics of Quality Journalism

  • Interview Techniques

  • Storytelling Techniques

  • The Basics of Photography

  • The Basics of Video

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